Take 5, Mango Lady Mango Marathon (Round 1)

Mango season is such a great time to explore tantalizing flavors and textures amidst the vast array of choices. National mango month (June) was well spent and our pallets are all prepped and ready for National Mango Day (July 22nd). The mighty mango reigns as King of Fruits. You would be hard pressed to find another fruit with its own designated day! Debate me… Period!

With Olympic fever in the air, I have pledged July 2021 as my mango marathon month. I hereby dedicate my time and euphoric loyalty to sample and share at least 5 new mangoes each week as part of my Take 5, Mango Marathon Take Away. Ok, I can hear the “one mango loyalists” hissing teeth and rolling eyes because you have camped out on the satisfactory banks of your one and only sweetheart mango: East Indian, Julie or Alphonse. Lol. I promise you, there are sooo many more mango varieties to try amidst the thousands of types in existence.

My goal is to share info on lesser known mangoes, raise awareness and nudge some folks out of their comfort zones. By the end of the mango marathon, I hope to showcase some lesser known mangoes and ingnite your interest to explore new mango flavors, colors, aromas, shapes, texture and sizes.

Sending a shout out to my fellow mango cultivator Mike, aka mangoes _r_us (instagram title) who supplied me with many new and facinating mangoes this month. Below I’ll share feedback from Mike and hear his personal thoughts and recommendations on this amazing fruit.

Ok lets do this mango gang!

Take 5, Mango Lady Mango Marathon (Round 1)

Mango Blanc (Haiti):

Mango Blanc: Listen, this mango is rocket ship from earth to heaven! It’s a connisuer’s mango. I took one bite, then another until it was all gone. This variety is full of dense sweet flesh with endless flavor, packed with juice that keeps flowing like drinking a mango ocean. Juicy, Juicy, Juicy-ful. After the mango-nificent take down, all that what was left, was a very pale white seed. Yum yum yummy. A++

Angie (Florida):

Angie: Medium size round shape. Yellow color. Lots of flesh, small tiny seed, sweet aroma. Extra sweet no fibre flesh. Taste notes: similar to a Julie in texture but even nicer flavor.

Pram Kai Mea (Thailand)

Pram Kai Mea: This mango was a delightful discovery. Long sleek shape, with a skin that remains green even when the fruit is ripe. Flesh is soft and smooth with very little fibre. The Pram Kai Mea has a complex silky smooth texture with a flavor combo of honey, lemon and mint. This was an easy A++

Glen (Florida):

Glen: Mild flavor, sweet smooth, very little fibre. Round shape. Tastes like a papaya. Its a pleasant no frill enjoyable mango for laid back folks that aren’t picky about flavor or texture and just want a nice treat.

Pina Colada (Florida):

Pina Colada: This mango is like an all out caurosel ride at Coney Park. It’s a bold combo of sweet, tang and tartiness. The texture is fibreless, and smooth. I was skipping after I sampled this mango. Tastes like a refreshing blend of lemon, coconut, honey and pineapple. Very good mango. A+


Pickering: This is a high demand mango amongst mango lovers. It’s often tricky to find at local markets. Sweet flavor with smooth texture and distinctly red freckled outter skin. The pickering mango is deceptive. You have to allow the mango to fully ripen and become wrinkley before you can eat it. Flesh is smooth, fibreless and very sweet. The Pickering has a fantastic aroma that lingers like sweet perfume on your hands.

There you have it. Round 1 showcase of 5 flavor filled delicous mangoes from my weekly tasting as part of the Mango Lady’s Mango Marathon. 🥭

Featured Mango Lover:

Your Instagram/ Facebook Name:
Mangoes_ r _Us (aka Mike)

Where are you located (City, State): MIAMI

How long have you been a mango collector? Over 20 years

Rate your love for mangoes on a scale from 1 to 10 (highest). 10++ plus

What’s your favorite mango (oes)? Any ripe mango in my hand. I dont have a specific favorite.

What mango would you gift to someone you adore? That would be the Glen. Its my wife’s favorite mango.

What mango reflects your current mood or personality? Cant mention just one. I have changes in my mood, so i often select a mango variety depending on the mood im in.

What rare or lesser known varieties would you recommend ? Nancy is a lesser known mango that many people are not familiar with. I think it is delicious. Worth the try.

How has the pandemic/another tragedy affected your business/hobby(if at all)? Not much impact to my busy or hobbie. There’s still a high demand.

Share a mango-nificent tip or advice for a beginner? 

For those in the market for a new tree, I would recommend Pickering mango for a beginner. Its small compact and produces alot of fruit. Its disease resistant and has a pleasant tasting fruit with a nice smooth texture.

When starting out do not over feed or over water the mango tree.For a good yeild it’s important to fertilize but not in excess.

If you have enjoyed this blog post please like and share. Have a favorite lesser known mango you would like to suggest? Please leave a comment below.

As always, keep living your mango-licious life!Learn more about the mango-licious life by ordering a copy of my book on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/1735761621

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3 thoughts on “Take 5, Mango Lady Mango Marathon (Round 1)

  1. Hey Tanya. This is beautiful.
    I love mangoes. Have also loved your description about them. Funny how Mike has a cheesy name for each variety.

    Also pleased to know of a National Mango Day. I won’t debate.

    This must be a nice coincidence. Because last year, for earth day [22 April], I wrote a poem on preserving the mango trees.

    Regards, Biko.

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  2. Mango is my favourite …. and this is just wow …. wow 👌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tanya The Mango Lady Blog July 7, 2021 — 10:40 am

      Thanks for stopping by the mango tree 🥭

      Liked by 1 person

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