Take 5, Mango Lady Mango Marathon (Round 2): Interview with mango lover, Elvis Dummerville, former NFL Player and CEO

Photo credit: Tanya The Mango Lady. Photo by Simone Jones

Welcome to Round 2 of The Mango Lady Marathon. Check out Round 1 for a recap of the prior mango marathon showcase. 

Mango season is such a great time to explore tantalizing flavors  and textures while reminiscing on the adventures of past mango escapades. Amidst the unpredictable twist and twirls of this mango-licious life, mangoes provide a healthy dose of sweetness, goodness and nostalgic joy. The lyrics of a popular Jamaican folk song sums up every mango lover’s fascination with mangoes:

Jamaican folk signers. Song: Mango Time

“Mi nuh drink coffee tea – mango time
Care how nice it may be – mango time
In the heat of the mango crop
When di fruit dem a ripe and drop
Wash your pot, turn dem down – mango time.”

Photo Credit: Mango Collection by Tanya The Mango Lady

Leading up to National Mango Day on July 22 my goal is to showcase  lesser known mangoes, raise awareness and ingnite your interest to explore new flavors, colors, aromas, shapes, texture and sizes.

Sending a shout out to my fellow mango lover, and former NFL Player Elvis Dummerville. Check out my chat and chew interview with Elvis as he shares his personal thoughts (below) about mangoes, and enjoy tidbits of inspiration for the seasons ahead.

Ok mango gang, lets do this!

Cotton Candy Mango (Florida) –

The flesh of the cotton candy mango is extra sweet like its bathed in honey. The cotton candy mango has a silky smooth texture, no fibre and leaves a slighty sticky sweet residue to enjoy the after taste on your lips.

Malika (Florida) 

The Malika  mango has a really strong aromatic scent similar to the smell of fresh passion fruit. Its boasts a smooth non fibre flesh with a flavor that resembles papaya. You either hate it or love it. Worth the try.

Millie (Jamaica)

Millie mango was easily one of my favorite treats during mango season. Its a small mango with a green skin accented with a slight purple blush. One bite of this mango and you’ve indulged in a palette popping combo of citrus, marmalade and grapes. Even the sap has a distinctly wonderful aroma.

Sweet Tart Mango

The Sweet Tart is for the adventure seeker. The bold flavor is a merry go round on the taste bud. Boasting notes of sweet, sour, chawky, tangy lemon goodness. Really smooth, non fibre flesh.

Valencia Pride:

The Valencia Pride is an excusite stately mango. The Valencia Pride has a large oblong shape  The flesh is smooth sweet and fibreless with a hint of pineapple, lemon and cherries wrapped in a golden yellow skin. 

Elvis Dummerville, former NFL Athlete, Founder & CEO,Global Prestige Estates  

Rate your love for mangoes on the scale from 1 (its no big deal) to 10 (highest mango-nificent level) About an 8

What’s your favorite mango ?
Haitian Mango, called Madame Francis

Why is that mango your fave?
I enjoy the flavourful sweet flesh of the mango.

What mango would you gift to someone you adore?
The Madame Francis Mango

Why that mango?
 It’s my mother’s favorite mango. She first introduced it to me at a young age.

What rare or lesser known varieties would you recommend ?
I enjoy the sweeter mangoes, typically with stringy flesh and lots of fibre.

What mango-licious lessons have you learned as you reflect on the challenges met over the past year and half? 
When adversity hits, remember, you have to believe in yourself and keep pushing forward

Looking forward, share words of hope for the mango-licious seasons ahead? Rememeber to deal with every situation by applying positive mango sweetness rather than vinegar bitterness. Keep pushing on in hope.

There you have it folks! Round 2 of the mango lady marathon is a wrap. If you have enjoyed this blog post please like and share with a friend or fellow mango lover.  Have a favorite lesser known mango you would like to suggest? Please leave a comment below. Join me next week for round 3 of the mango lady marathon.

As always, keep living your mango-licious life! Learn more about the mango-licious life by ordering a copy of my book on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/1735761621

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5 thoughts on “Take 5, Mango Lady Mango Marathon (Round 2): Interview with mango lover, Elvis Dummerville, former NFL Player and CEO

  1. Thanks for sharing this interview. It is very uplifting. I love “Trop Douce” Haitian mango. It literally translates to “Too Sweet.” It’s a very sweet, stringy, small round mango that you must sink your face into with both hands. The whole thing would eventually end up in your mouth. It’s by far the sweetest I have had from over the 20 or so varieties I have tried.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tanya The Mango Lady Blog July 20, 2021 — 7:43 pm

      That sounds fantastic!! I’ll be on the look out for this Trop Douce mango 🥭 thanks for the share


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